November 5, 2019

Our service offering



Access Management

Access Management protects access to applications and APIs by authenticating the accessing identity. In addition, Access Management can ensure access while maintaining the permitted authorizations. Our team has experience with open standards such as oAuth 2.0, Open-ID-Connect or SAML 2 for both on-premise applications and software as a service services such as SAP Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Slack, etc to integrate into the Access Management.

The aim of the integration is to increase user satisfaction through a single sign-on while maintaining compliance requirements such as multi-factor authentication.



Identity Administration

Identity Administration focuses on the automation of processes related to the management of digital identities (internal employees, external employees, customers, partners, etc.) and their authorizations in the business-critical applications (target systems) from creation to change and deactivation of digital identities across different identity types and target systems.

Approval Workflows
The introduction of a company-wide request process for authorizations that cannot be managed automatically.

Self Service
Self services allow employees, customers and partners to manage their own digital identities.
The password processes are supported here. The process starts with the initial assignment of a password up to the "forgot password" process.
Self services offer employees, customers and partners the opportunity to manage their own user profile.

The creation of maximum transparency on the question of who had which access rights to which application and why and at what point in time.

GDPR aspects - The Identity Administration Platform “knows” which identity-related data are kept in which applications and can be used as a building block for fulfilling the requirements of GDPR.

We support you in synchronizing your company's HR processes with the administrative IT processes and to implement them using standard software.



Identity Governance

Identity Governance extends the aspects of Identity Administration by regulatory aspects (compliance requirements - motivated by various regulations, such as the BAIT / VAIT of BaFin). Central processes here are the certification / recertification of authorization situations - in the sense of a regular confirmation by the responsible person that identities can actually have the current access authorizations. This enables a regular review of the rules for granting rights. Reporting and functional role models across applications are the focus of Identity Governance.

We support you in translating the requirements from the relevant regulations relevant to you into the possibilities of a standard software solution and to implement them using standard software.




Evaluation of an Identity and Access Management solution - in addition to the integration and operation of solutions for Access Management, Identity Administration and Identity Governance Based on our many years of experience with the various software providers, we support you in finding the best product for you on the market.




Our team supports the following trainings in the DACH region

  • AM-400 ForgeRock Access Management Core Concepts
  • IG-400 ForgeRock® Identity Gateway Core Concepts
  • IDM-400 ForgeRock Identity Management Core Concepts

by qualified trainers.

An overview of the current trainings can be found under the following link: